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Questions about Neulasta?

Access for your patients

Neulasta® patients who need financial assistance for the Neulasta® Onpro™ kit or prefilled syringe for manual injection may be eligible for support from several sources. These include:

  • Independent co-pay foundations
  • The Safety Net Foundation, which provides Neulasta® at no cost for eligible patients
  • The Neulasta FIRST STEP® Co-Pay Coupon Program

Learn more about the Neulasta® Onpro™ kit.

89% of Neulasta® patients had $0 out-of-pocket costs, based on a national claims database*1

*Estimated amount of Medicare beneficiaries with supplemental coverage and commercially insured patients with no out-of-pocket cost, based on Oncology Clinic data provided by IMS looking at 835 Remittance Advise and pre-adjudicated 837 Claim Forms in a Report dated August 1, 2014. Does not include costs related to office visit, physician, staff, or administrative charges associated with administering Neulasta.

Your patients may be eligible for the Neulasta® Co-Pay Coupon Program

The Neulasta FIRST STEP® Program is a co-pay coupon program to help commercially insured eligible patients with their deductible, co-insurance, and/or co-pay requirements for Neulasta® (pegfilgrastim).

Access coding and billing information for Neulasta.

Download the formulary fact sheet for Neulasta (includes Neulasta® Onpro™ kit and prefilled syringe for manual injection).

Enrolling your practice

To enroll your practice in the Amgen FIRST STEP® Program, please call 1-888-65-STEP1 (1-888-657-8371). Offices must complete this process once prior to processing the Amgen FIRST STEP® Program Cards.


Learn about assistance for uninsured patients


  1. Data on file, Amgen.
Important Safety Information


Do not administer Neulasta® to patients with a history of serious allergic reactions to pegfilgrastim or filgrastim.